Another Trip Around the Sun

birthday5Wow. That’s really all I can say about the last few days. Birthdays (mine and others) are always my favorite. From themed parties, to taking trips and even getting engaged, my birthday has always been a special time of the year for me. Taking another trip around the sun is not just about having a birthday party but for me, it’s also about reflection.

I had a jam-packed weekend and I’m paying for it today (hello, 34). Friday morning John and I went to Atlanta then came back and had an amazing dinner at Hummingbird Pastaria. It was so good and I can’t wait to go back. Saturday, John and I prepped for our party and had a delicious lunch. Saturday night was our pineapple themed party and the biggest shocker was being surprised by my best friend and her husband. Sunday, we had brunch then went to dinner with friends at my favorite, Main Street Meats.


As I sit and type this blog post on a [slow] Monday morning, I’m still beaming from the fun we had this weekend. Each and every one of my friends made it feel like the most special time ever; I’m so grateful.

Even though I like to party for birthdays and have a good time, I found time to really think about what my 33rd year was like and what I see in store for my 34th year. I’m definitely looking forward to new career opportunities, continuing to grow in my marriage and my friendships. I’ve always been comfortable saying “no” to things that didn’t make my soul happy or even saying “adios” to friends who weren’t on the same level as I was.


Taking another trip around the sun

I’ve come to understand and believe that people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. When you know which it is, you’ll know how to move forward. I’ve been 34 for barely 24 hours but if it’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I’m comfortable and happy with my life and the folks that God has put in it. I believe wholeheartedly in maintaining friendships if you want to grow and evolve. I also believe it’s OK to give yourself permission to NOT maintain a relationship that’s no longer healthy.

Thirty-four will not be a year where I people please just for a sake of doing it. Thirty-four will be a year where I take care of myself so I can nurture other relationships in my life.

birthday3Today, as I reflect on taking another trip around the sun, I’m forever grateful for my sweet husband who went above and beyond to make this weekend perfect. I’m thankful for my BFF who surprised me this weekend. Lastly, my friend Jennifer who in four short years of being friends, is one of the closest and hilarious friendships I’ve had.

You may have noticed I didn’t mention my 34×34 list and there’s a really good reason. I didn’t quite finish all of what’s on the list. But it’s OK – I’ve given myself permission to fulfill the list at my pace and life will still go on.

Cheers to a new year and being unapologetically comfortable in my skin.


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