The glampfire cocktail.

Smoky Cocktails: The Glampfire

Let’s be honest here: I’m not a camper. I’m not one to pack up for the weekend and head to the woods or the campground; it’s never been my thing. I went camping once when …

There's nothing better than fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. Am I right?

6 Easy Cookie Recipes

I always say I don’t bake a lot but what I usually fail to mention is that I love cookies. I love when our house smells like warm, fresh baked cookies. That smell is just …

Desserts in Chattanooga. Chocolate croissant from Niedlov's Bakery.

My Favorite Desserts in Chattanooga

I never really realized my great love for sweets…until I’m chomping down on something sweet. I thought I wasn’t a “sweets person” until I find myself craving chocolate chip cookies and slices of cake from …