5 Romantic Restaurants in Chattanooga

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I think what’s deemed as ‘romantic’ is up to the person assessing the romance. There are a few definitions of romantic but the first one that pops up, according to a quick Google search, is: “conducive to or characterized by the expression of love”. Today, I’m sharing romantic restaurants in Chattanooga that have a special place in my heart.

I’m sure there are restaurants not on this list that people find romantic. The ones listed here today, are ones where John and I have enjoyed a special moment or two. In my opinion, romantic restaurants don’t necessarily mean candlelight with violins in the background. Yes, the ambiance played a part in me choosing these places but it’s also about how it makes me feel.

I always feel pretty special when visiting these places and I love that. Whether it’s been a birthday dinner or a date night, my 5 romantic restaurants in Chattanooga are ones where I fondly remember the meals, drinks and the experience. I share this list not only because Valentine’s Day is around the corner but to also encourage you to try some romantic restaurants even on a regular non-romantic Monday night.

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Sometimes when I envision romantic restaurants, I think of that scene in Lady and the Tramp when they’re sharing pasta. I mean, that’s so sweet, right? That scene isn’t really realistic in my life because John knows I don’t like to share my pasta! It is funny though, three of these five restaurants I’ve been known to scarf down their pasta dishes.

But no Lady and the Tramp moments for me.

Romantic restaurants in Chattanooga

Alleia – I’ve always found Alleia to be very romantic – sexy even. It’s dark and lit with candles. Even the bar area is sexy with its modern, loungy type furniture. The most romantic menu item that I enjoy (in addition to pasta) is their flourless chocolate cake. I’ve written about it many times – it’s that good.

Il Primo – Primo always fulfills my pasta needs. Each time that we visit, it doesn’t matter what time or day of the week, it always feels very romantic to John and me. There’s something about copious amounts of pasta and wines that exude romance.

Source: St. John’s Meeting Place Facebook

The Meeting Place – This is the sister restaurant to St. John’s. We always go to the bar here for happy hour cocktails but the restaurant area is so dark and romantic. It’s rather small and intimate and I think, for me, that adds to the romance.

Hummingbird Pastaria – John took me here for my birthday and it’s just so cute. This is one of the few restaurants where I’ve eaten the bruschetta and loved it. It’s technically not in Chattanooga; it’s on Signal Mountain but that just adds to the romance…right?

Easy Bistro – I’m a huge of fan of this restaurant and their other one, Main Street Meats (I talk about it all of the time). Easy Bistro is gorgeous. From the floral decor to even the floor tile, it’s just super-romantic, in my opinion. I even included Easy Bistro on my Instagram guide.

What’s one of your favorite romantic restaurants in Chattanooga?


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