A Tour of Our Nashville Airbnb

A tour of our Nashville Airbnb.I love a good hotel – I can’t even lead this post under any other pretense. My husband knows that when we travel, I have certain requirements that will determine our hotel stay. The first and most important is a plush comforter. I’m obsessed with white, fluffy comforters that just suck you in as soon as you lay in the bed. You know that feeling, don’t you? John and I took a trip with friends and in today’s post I’m sharing a few photos from our beautiful Nashville Airbnb.

Since its inception, Airbnb has sort of changed how John and I think about lodging when we travel. I say sort of because no matter how many sites pop up that allow you to rent people’s houses, I still love hotels. The ease and convenience of hotels is always an attractive bonus but I also like how at relaxed I feel by renting a home while on vacation too. I guess you could say I’m caught in the middle.

When we traveled to Savannah, we rented a home and that flexibility allowed us to have more room to chill and cook breakfast. When we traveled to Charleston after our wedding, we stayed in a luxurious hotel which allowed us to be pampered. Whatever your preference, hotels and sites like Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO, ultimately gives travelers more unique options.

A tour of our Nashville Airbnb

Nashville Airbnb.

Our Nashville Airbnb.


I loved this beautiful cow painting that greeted us as we walked up and down the stairs.

Nashville Airbnb Tour


The kitchen was nice as well. Right in the middle there was a large island where we could gather for coffee or food. This particular Airbnb was equipped with a Keurig and lots of coffee options.

A tour of our Nashville Airbnb.


The bedrooms were comfortable and we each had chocolates on our nightstands – how cute! Our mattress was so comfortable that I had to look at the tag before we left to see what brand it was. It was pretty unbelievable how much I loved that mattress.

A tour of our Nashville Airbnb.

My ‘Escape’ bag from Forestbound was perfect for a quick Nashville getaway.


The living room was super comfortable and relaxed. The decor was modern and relaxed and it definitely gave me a little inspiration for my own home.

A tour of our Nashville Airbnb. Nashville Airbnb tour.


If you’re traveling to Nashville soon, be sure to check out Airbnb for lodging options.


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