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Having a perfect summer playlist is one of the major keys of having a successful party.Entertaining is my middle name. Actually, it’s Melissa but let’s pretend it’s “Entertaining” for a second. I absolutely love throwing parties and I feel like I’m pretty good at it. There’s a lot that goes into throwing a party in your home, if you’re doing it correctly. For me, when I invite someone into my home, I want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. One major part of party throwing, for me, has and always will be the music. Today, I’ve created a summer playlist. These are the songs that are getting the party started in my house this season.

So besides a decent playlist, there are lots of other factors to throwing a killer party. Food is one of those things. Food is something you have to really think about. First ask yourself, is this a dinner party or a cocktail party? Once you have the answer, you’ll know how to proceed with the food. If it’s a dinner party, time to start planning a menu. If you’re having a cocktail party, light snacks will be fine. It’s polite to tell your guests what to expect too.

Drinks are the other important factor to consider when having a party. I like to make sure we have enough options to offer my guests a variety of cocktail options. It’s also super-important to make sure you have something like water or juice for those who aren’t interested in adult beverages. Being a great host/hostess is important but you should also be mindful of being a good guest. You want to be invited back to your friends’ home so being on your best behavior is wise. If I’m invited to someone’s home, I also try to remember to not come empty-handed. Whether it’s a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers, it’s always nice to bring something.

11 songs for your summer playlist that'll get the party started.Listen to my Spotify Summer Playlist

So enough about my party etiquette thoughts. In addition to being a good party host and guest, it’s equally as important to set the mood by having the right playlist. I love to curate the music for all of my parties. My summer playlist is a collection of songs I’ve been into this summer and for me, gets the party started. Here’s a link to last year’s summer playlist.

If you’re at work or something, you may want to put in earbuds. Some of the songs have explicit language.

What’s on your summer playlist?




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