Weekend Thoughts: Hangover Cures That Work

Let's be honest, hangovers are the worst. But with a few easy tips, you'll be back to your normal self in no time. Here are a few hangover cures to help you snap back quickly.Listen, at thirty-something years of age, one would think that a hangover would be a thing of the past, right? Well, maybe not a complete thing of the past but it’s for sure something that doesn’t happen all of the time. Luckily, I know my limits (sometimes) and can make an intelligent decision when it’s time to stop indulging. Once in a while, I mess up and I overindulge which leads to a horrible hangover. I thought I’d share a few hangover cures that have worked for me in the past.

If you’re wondering what prompted today’s subject, it’s because I was recently in a situation where I needed to recover. I was in desperate need of some hangover cures. Let me preface this by saying that I’m not usually in a position where I’m trying to cure hangovers. However on this particular occasion, I had one too many and I was desperate to feel and look better. By the way, these cool firming eye gels by Skyn Iceland are my favorite when trying to relieve some eye puffiness.

For those of you reading this who are over the age of 30, have you noticed a difference in your ability to bounce back from a hangover? Compared to when you were in your 20’s? I’ve noticed a huge difference. Now it feels like it takes a full day (and then some) to actually start to feel like yourself again. So if you slip up and find yourself needing some hangover relief, here are a few tips to help you get back to your normal life.

My favorite hangover cures


This should be a given but often times we forget. Alcohol dehydrates so getting hydrated is key. Water is great and so are drinks like Gatorade and Pedialyte.

Rest (but not all day)

Rest is necessary when trying to overcome the horrible feeling of a hangover. As hard as it is though, getting up to get a little activity in will help you bounce back even more. Trust me on this one. With my most recent hangover, I definitely got more rest than I would have on a normal day but I also (much later in the afternoon) forced myself to get up, get moving and get a little fresh air. It helps.

Even though rest is the automatic thing we do when recovering from a hangover, getting up and out is another cure that can help us feeling like ourselves again.Activated charcoal

I’m sure you’re probably thinking I’m crazy right now but it works. The first time I tried activated charcoal was in a delicious beverage at a local juice store. More recently, John tried it for the first time and I think he may be a fan. Activated charcoal really helps to absorb and pull out all of the toxins and impurities. It’s perfect the day after you’ve overindulged in adult beverages.

Don’t believe the ‘hair of the dog’ tale

Whatever you do, don’t start drinking more…unless you’re a glutton for punishment. If you’re like me, the actual thought of drinking more alcohol while getting over a hangover just seems really silly and counterproductive. The hair of the dog solution will only make for an even bigger hangover at the end AND you’ll be even more dehydrated. No thanks.

Do you have hangover cures that work?

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