Weekend Thoughts: Make Life Easier with One Life Hack

There are a million things we can do to make our lives easier and simple. There's one hack in particular that has really made a huge difference in my life.We’re all busy, right? Being “busy” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s how we handle the busy times that make us decent human beings. I believe wholeheartedly that you make time for the things you want. I’ve certainly made some poor choices when it came to making time for certain events and people. Though this is hardly the cure to everything, I have found one hack to make life easier for me.

One thing about this time and space we live in today is that we’re always glued to our phones. I’m always checking Instagram or texting with someone – even I get annoyed with how much I’m on my phone. I’m starting to be more aware of it as I’m out and about. I constantly see couples on date night seemingly having a decent time but they’re constantly checking their phones. Unfortunately, John and I have done it too.

I’ve also noticed that I get really distracted with all of the beeps and noises my phone makes. Whether its writing a blog post or menu planning, for some reason, I always feel the need to pick up my phone anytime I heard it beep. How obnoxious is that? I think this is why one of my favorite date nights with John is when we go to the movies. At the movies, I know for sure there will be at least 2 hours of us not checking or touching our phones. Yes, I’m the movie goer who loathes the people who checks their phone in the movie theater. Anyway, let’s get to the point.

I made one small change in my everyday life that has made my life a bit easier in just a short amount of time.

How do I make life easier?

I stopped checking my email on my phone.

Sure, I know, it’s not anything mind-blowing but it has, without a doubt, made my life so much easier. I don’t know about you but I get lots of emails on a daily basis. Some important – some not so much. Nonetheless, it caused me to constantly check my phone. Even if I was in the middle of doing something “important”, hearing my email alert was distracting and immediately stopped me from finishing whatever I was working on.

My “life hack” isn’t rocket science but it’s definitely something that has changed my life tremendously. I now have specific times of the day when I check my email and on occasion, I access my email on my phone. I’m not saying never check your email on your phone. I’m only saying that for me, my life got much more productive when I stopped. Doing this was one sure way to get me to put my phone down, get some actual work done and simply be present.

How do you make life easier?


8 thoughts on “Weekend Thoughts: Make Life Easier with One Life Hack

  1. _emily_fazio

    I also turned off cellular data for a bunch of my apps (including Instagram). Not only does it help with my data plan, but it helps keep me in the moment and off my phone when I’m out. When I’m home or at work, and on Wi-Fi, I have full functionality to use my phone as needed.

  2. Ruth

    I love this! Nothing worse than sitting at a table to sup and fellowship and everyone is on their phone. At some points in my life, I’ve engaged in a social media fast or sabbath, if you will. One day a week, I refused to check social media. It was freeing and mindblowing at the same time. At first I hated it, and even cheated, but eventually, it changed my everyday usage to not be as quick to check it every chance I got.

  3. Jennifer

    I leave mine on DND, so it doesn’t go off and I check everything at once. I also try to leave it in my bag in the mornings at work and pull it out for the first time at lunch. But it all depends on if I need to post something on Insta! Ahh…it’s hard!

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