The Weekend


Good grief.  What an fun but exhausting weekend.  I need just one more day to rest and recover from being on the run constantly this weekend.  Where do I even start? Friday night, I had a pre-birthday party with a friend of mine, Monica – who’s the cutest person ever.  She and I have birthdays just a couple of days apart but we’ll both be out of town next weekend to celebrate.  So what do you do? Have a birthday party a week before – duh.  

Saturday we hung out with friends and watched random YouTube videos and Sunday we celebrated John’s dad’s birthday. Yes, this month is full of birthdays – it’s pretty crazy. We went bowling, ate way too much junk food and now I’m paying for it.  Hopefully, I can eat “healthy” between now and my birthday on Thursday…we’ll see.

Great weekend and I’m hoping this week will be even better! Now if I could only shake this tiredness…

Happy Monday!


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