Sparkling Lavender Lemonade

I never want summer to end.  Sure it’s hot and sometimes it’s unbearable but for me, summer is beautiful, sunny and time to relax.  I make cocktails on my blog year-round but for some reason, I’m more inspired during the summer months.  There’s all sorts of fruits and herbs to play with and it’s the perfect time to add something sparkling to your drinks just for fun.  What’s more summery than lemonade and lavender?  

A few months ago I made lavender lemonade but this was during the time when I temporarily gave up alcohol. Today’s recipe is a little bit more fun.  I took the easy way out with this one and chose not to make my own lemonade this time around but used store-bought (eeek!) and it was just as delicious and took half the time. This cocktail is light, crisp and perfect for sipping by the beach.

What you’ll need:
1oz vodka
2oz lemonade
champagne (or prosecco)
lavender for garnish

In a cocktail shaker, I combined the vodka, lemonade and a little mint sprig over ice and started shaking.

Add the vodka mixture to a glass, top with champagne and garnish with lavender.  

Rosemary would also be good.

Thanks to my friend Tracy for constantly supplying me with the beautiful lavender!

This is my last blog post for the week – heading to the beach to celebrate the birthday. I shall return on Monday with a fun weekend recap…I hope.


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