Updated Gin & Tonic Granita

I’ve said many times that gin and tonics are my go to drink for the summer. They’re so refreshing and you can add so many flavor boosters: cucumber, mint, lime, the list goes on.  About three years ago, I blogged about a gin and tonic granita – please excuse the photos photo; I was only a year into blogging. I thought recently that I should recreate that same granita but maybe enhance the recipe a bit.  Though it’s not officially summer, it’s been so hot and a cold, icy, slushie drink is just the refreshing answer!

Cocktail granitas (not just gin and tonic granitas) are the perfect way to entertain guests at a BBQ. It’s also a perfect option for a light dessert instead of a traditional cake, cookie or ice cream. They’re easy to make and you can prepare the day before to alleviate prep time on the day of a party.  Mix up the flavors to your liking and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Saffron infused gin is not necessary for this granita, honesty…it’s just what I had on my bar.  I thought the saffron infused gin was quite tasty in this easy dessert but non-flavored gin will be absolutely perfect for this too.

One of the things I did differently with these granitas is the addition of St. Germain.  As I said above, the wonderful thing about G&T’s is that you can easily add other flavors to them like fun spices and herbs to elevate your drink. So that’s what I did with the St. Germain. 

You’ll want to take the ingredients and place them in a container large enough to hold the liquids and one that will easily fit in your freezer.

Once they’re all added, pop it the freezer and wait.  

Ok well, that’s not really all.  Every hour or so, check on your granita by scraping it up with a fork so that it has a soft texture and it’s not just one large block of ice.

With the temperatures quickly rising, a frozen gin and tonic is definitely on the menu.  Try it!


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