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photo: UncommonGoods

photo: UncommonGoods

Buying gifts for folks around the holidays can be very stressful for some of us. I know that every year I’ve always struggled with what to gift my best friend. It’s not because I don’t know her well (we’ve been friends for 30 years) it’s because of how long we’ve been friends. Does that make sense? We’ve been in each others lives for so long that we’ve gifted each other pretty much everything you can think of. Oftentimes, I get overwhelmed and I end up just flat-out asking her what she wants. That’s when online shopping comes into play and sites like UncommonGoods can help.

Not only can UncommonGoods help me find unique gifts my best friend will love, they also have a variety of creative gift options for the other ladies in my life. No more spending what feels likes weeks upon weeks searching for gifts; their site clearly breaks down product sections so I can spend more time whipping up new cocktails and recipes.

photo: UncommonGoods

Another gifting conundrum I always seem to have are my parents and in-laws. It seems like they already have everything so what could you possibly get them, right? Lucky for me (and you) UncommonGoods has great ideas for mom (or mom in-law) and you’ll forever be in their good graces with one of their thoughtful gifts.

We can’t forget about Dad. Oftentimes, dads get the short end of the stick. Don’t tell anyone but I think it’s sort of funny. If you’re trying to find a cool Christmas gift for dad, you can find some pretty creative gifts ranging from a make-your-own hot sauce kit to a scotch infused toothpick kit (I actually wouldn’t mind one of those). Dad deserves a decent Christmas gift this year so let’s make sure he gets one.

photo: UncommonGoods

Another reason to shop with UncommonGoods

The last thing I’d like to mention about UncommonGoods is what sold me on shopping there. They aren’t just another business where we can buy “stuff”; they’re making sure their company is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Here’s what I loved the most: they’re a B Corporation. I know you may be reading this and have absolutely no idea what that means – it’s OK. B Corporations are for-profit businesses that have been certified and meet specific standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Bottom line: B Corporations are redefining success in business. How cool is that?

UncommonGoods is helping consumers understand the social impact of their purchases. So start shopping and know that you’re not just buying cool gifts for your loved ones but you’re also contributing to the conversation about the impact of our dollar.

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