Dinner Party – New Orleans Theme

Occasionally I get bright ideas to have parties at my house.  This particular party idea was a New Orleans themed dinner party.  Nothing fancy, just fun, food & drinks.  Although we all had a grand time, my casual dinner party turned into a not so fancy drunken mess that makes me laugh everytime I think about it!

Most of my pictures would probably be very inappropriate for the type of blog I’m trying to have here.  But I’ve manage to scrape up a couple of pics to share with you from my party!

First things first:  I wanted to give away some type of “gift” to my friends for coming.  So I came up with something simple – orange infused whiskey.  I infused oranges and whiskey for a little over a week, to ensure the orange flavor was properly detected.

I then put a shot of whiskey in mini-jars to give away to my guests.
The rest of the menu included:
  • red beans & rice
  • shrimp & chicken jambalaya
  • turkey sausage gumbo 
  • jalapeño cornbread

For an appetizer, I did my version of a crawfish boil.  I created a deconstructed crawfish boil – shotglasses filled with corn, potatoes & crawfish all of which had been boiled & seasoned with seafood spices.

My New Orleans dinner party wouldn’t be complete without handmade daiquiris (both strawberry & peach), hurricanes & Abita Beer.

The liquid portion of my menu may be why I don’t have any more appropriate pictures to share…oh well!

Good times indeed. 

One thought on “Dinner Party – New Orleans Theme

  1. HairStylinKia

    As a guest of this dinner party. I had an amazing time. Eat.Drink.Frolic is such a handbook for great food and party ideas because Ms. Frolic does her homework. The yellow rice with shrimp and chicken was my absolute fav! I attended an event with Ms. Frolic i Oct 09 and eat crawfish for the first time, so when I saw them at the New Orleans dinner I really thought i knew what I was doing…LOL. I just adore the ideas and themes of the parties and I thank you for always knowing how to throw a great party. Cant wait for the next! And my whisky mini jars are on my coffee table. Love it!


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