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Instagram-worthy locations in Downtown Chattanooga.Instagram is my favorite social media platform. Yes, sometimes I get Instagram fatigue. Well, actually, I get fatigue from all social platforms but hands down, I like Instagram. Despite the crazy and unruly algorithm (don’t get me started), I still gravitate towards it for a little visual stimulation. With Instagram providing so much of my weekly entertainment, I thought I’d put together a downtown Chattanooga Instagram guide.

So what does that mean?

This means, this isn’t my usual city guide (like Austin or Portland). This is strictly a guide to the places in Downtown Chattanooga that I find the most Instagramable. Is that a wold? Let’s be clear, there are tons of places throughout this city that are really pretty. This list is a guide of my favorite places to snap a quick photo for Instagram or Instagram Stories. This was a fun post to put together and it’s totally subjective. For me, the criteria for my Chattanooga Instagram guide was pretty simple: it had to be aesthetically appealing (to me) and a place that simply brought me joy.

I mean, it was that easy. Really. Anyway, let’s get into the guide.

6 Photo Worthy Locations: A Chattanooga Instagram Guide

Rembrandt’s Patio. Rembrandt’s Coffee House is beautiful; it has a bit of a European vibe to it. The patio is spacious with lots of light and greenery – it’s pretty perfect for a mini Instagram photo shoot.

#patioviews #RembrandtsCoffeeHouse #RelaxandUnwind ⠀ #nocaptionneeded ⠀ photo: _a_palmer

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Local Juice
. Honestly, any spot in Local Juice is going to make for a pretty Instagram moment. From exposed brick to the pops of color from the fruits and veggies, Local Juice is an Instagram dream.

Pick any 4 juices → $34 ? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #HappyCleansing !!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ?: @alinasherman

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The Polka Dot wall. I mean, taking photos in front of colorful walls is a whole Instagram hashtag (#Ihavethisthingwithwalls). Add polka dots to a wall and you have an instant Instagram magnet. I love this wall and locals and tourists alike, flock to it like no one’s business. Check it out – but beware: there’s an Instagram account that captures those of us who snap pics in front of it.

Shawanda Mason-Moore

Photo: Lindsey Lowe

Easy Bistro
. Easy Bistro is the perfect setup for Instagram photos. Yes, the actual restaurant is absolutely beautiful and glamorous but beware: when your food arrives, you’ll immediately feel the need to photograph it for Instagram. The plating skills, top-notch.

Photo: Easy Bistro Facebook

Anywhere in the Dwell Hotel. Talk about an Instagram dream. Every corner of this place is perfect for Instagram and that’s just the lobby and bar areas. The rooms are even better.

Another #regram from @melodrama. She sure did capture the charisma of @matildamidnight perfectly! #DineDrinkDwell

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Southern Sqweeze (Downtown)
. The downtown location of Southern Sqweeze is airy (literally, there are garage doors that are usually open when it’s nice outside). I love walking by there. Between the plants and the print on the floor, you can’t help but snap all the photos when visiting.

Bonus spots, Chattanooga Instagram Guide

Inside Taqueria Jalisco at the Plaza. First and foremost, Taqueria Jalisco is one of my favorite places for all things taco/burrito related. It’s just so good. They have two locations here in Chattanooga and I just love the wall at the Plaza location. It makes for the perfect backdrop for a photo.

Doughnut Wall at Koch’s Bakery. The doughnut wall has seen some controversy over the last few years yet it’s still standing. It’s a really fun location to snap photos. Who wouldn’t love capturing a photo in front of a wall of flying donuts?

What are you favorite Instagram locations in Chattanooga?




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