The Weekend

So this weekend was busy. I don’t mean, ‘oh we’ve been running errands’ busy but we had guests and we’ve hanging, eating and laughing all weekend. So much fun. I love entertaining but after entertaining guests there’s a bit of an emptiness that looms over me and to be honest, it’s exhausting. But I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world…ever.

I’ve eaten so much this weekend (I’m in desperate need of a detox). Lately, John and I have been trying to work out a bit more but I just realized that this week looks a little busier than usual. Not to say that I can’t do anything active but it just throws off my schedule a little bit. Since you asked, here’s what I’ve been doing: Monday’s I do yoga, Wednesday’s I do a bit of cardio and light jogging then Saturday’s barre class. I need to get ready to hit the beach this summer. I’m also recording my first podcast this week (eek). Not sure when it will up and ready but one day. I’m also working on a blog redesign, which will have a new tab for podcasts (I think). Can’t believe I’m finally getting into this whole podcast thing. More on that later. Hope you all had a great weekend!

How cute are these Cheeky plastic cups?

Happy Monday!


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