The Weekend

My new weekend regimen consists of working out. Even though I’d rather be sleeping, I get out of bed and head to the gym for my workout class and I’ll go ahead and admit, it makes for a much more productive day. Saturday, after my [exhausting] workout, I posted up at a local coffee shop and worked for hours. Sure, I was a bit tired but I felt energized from my workout and I felt energized with the thought of marking things off of my to do list – it just feels great.

I went to an awesome fundraiser Saturday night with my friend Jennifer and if we’re friends on Snapchat, you saw the behind the scenes of that party. We ended the weekend with seeing a movie (Money Monster) and what else, tacos. Did I tell you I’ve been re-watching the show Brothers & Sisters? My weekend also consisted of finding time to watch episodes. Anyway, lots of exciting things on the horizon and it was nice to have a weekend to reset and refocus. How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!


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