Happy Hour in Chattanooga

A guide to happy hour in Chattanooga.
If you’re a regular here on the blog, you already now that I love a good cocktail. Now that the temperatures are rising, it seems appropriate to publish a guide to happy hour in Chattanooga, right? Spring and summer are my favorite seasons so obviously it’s the perfect way to kick it off. Yes, I know that happy hour can be enjoyed year-round but let’s be real: the warmer temperatures make it more enjoyable.

Let me preface this by saying that this guide is a list of my favorite places to grab a drink for happy hour. There are tons of places in Chattanooga that offer drink specials but these are places that I’ve discovered or my friends have tipped me off to. I love that the cocktail scene here is growing pretty rapidly and I hope that it continues to grow. Who gets tired of delicious cocktails at a discounted rate? I don’t.

So to celebrate great weather and even better cocktails, I’ve updated a FREE guide to happy hour in Chattanooga. You can can download the guide, email it to friends and use for your own summer drinking schedule.

Happy hour in Chattanooga – where to go?

In the guide you’ll find a variety of places. Some places offer daily beverage specials and there may even be a cookie happy hour included this time around. Cookie happy hour sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

The businesses I chose aren’t in any particular order but I hope you find it helpful in your quest for a refreshing cocktail. If you have a bar that you’d like to see on this list on the next update, please leave a comment or email me. I’d love to hear your suggestions. I hope by the time I do another update, we’ll have tons of new restaurants to add to the list.

Cheers! A downloadable guide to some of my favorite places for happy hour in Chattanooga






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