The Weekend

I’m feeling like this weekend went by really quickly. I mean, this is a feeling that I’m often plagued with but for some reason this weekend went by at lightning speed. My new mentality of trying to live for Monday’s instead of dreading them is getting more and more difficult but I’m committed to feeling optimistic about Mondays…one day.

This weekend John and I went to see Batman v. Superman (snores). I’ll admit, my opinion should not be taken into “real” consideration. Yes, I’ve seen the Dark Knight Rises and another Batman movie that I can’t remember but that’s pretty much it. I don’t know a lot about the series. Knowing that I’m no an expert and not truly a fan, you can take my thoughts with a grain of salt. I should probably also say that I fell asleep during some of it. It seemed really slow and there wasn’t a lot of Batman which depending on how you look at it, could be a good or bad thing? Any Affleck fans out there?


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend – happy Monday!


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