Cocktail Week: Bourbon Cherry Coke

It’s cocktail week on the blog!

What does that mean? It means for the rest of week, I’m sharing cocktail recipes. Nothing else. Just cocktails. Hooray!

First up: Bourbon Cherry Coke. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Trust me, it is. I’ll admit, I indulge in a Coca-Cola or two every now and then. I’m trying to not drink it and I think I’ve done a good job of staying away but once in a blue moon, the craving will sneak back in and I’ll fall victim to it and what’s better than a Coca-Cola with a little added flavor? I love cherry Coke; it’s definitely one of my favorite indulgences. Even though cherry Coke is delicious by itself, a fresh cherry Coke (with bourbon) is 10 times better. I got the idea from Heather Christo and I was so into it when I first saw this on Pinterest. Genius!

So all you’ll need is:

cherries, pitted

Muddle the cherries with bourbon and sugar. Let the cherries become pulpy. I allowed my cherry/bourbon mixture to sit in the fridge overnight; not necessary but the flavors really came together by doing it this way.

Pour the cherry mixture in a glass filled with ice and top with Coca-Cola.


Sometimes I like to add some fresh lime juice to my Cokes or cherry Coke. Next time I make this, I’ll definitely add some fresh lime juice just to give it a little bite.

Try it!


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