Wedding Watch: The Registry

We’re getting down to the wire until it’s time to walk down the aisle and I’m so excited!  Now that we’re in the midst of planning, I go through my spells of feeling overwhelmed with details to being super optimistic about the actual wedding..and praying that everything goes as planned.  The one thing that has remained constant throughout this entire process is knowing that marrying John is going to be one of the best decisions ever.  We’ve promised to always keep each other entertained and laughing in life so I’m definitely looking forward to just that.  To life and laughter!

John and I are traditional in some ways (in life and with this wedding) and very nontraditional in a lot of other ways.  I don’t want to give too much away – mainly because we’re still planning and until everything is done, there’s still a chance something could not go as planned.  Whatever.  At any rate, there are two ways that we’ve incorporated our nontraditional ways into our wedding day: food and our registry.  As far as the food goes, we’ve decided to shy away from traditional catering methods and get a food truck…a taco truck!  It’s easy cleanup, we both love tacos and why not!?  Our registry, we eliminated the exhausting task of visiting one (or two) stores and walking around with a scanning gun and we’ve done everything online!  We used a registry site called, Thankful Registry.

Thankful Registry allows you to have a bookmarklet installed (sort of like the Pinterest button) where if you’re perusing the interwebs and see something that you’d like to add to your registry, you can simply click the ‘add to Thankful’ button and add an item to your registry.  This site has allowed us to have a variety of different items from a variety of different stores and price points!  It also gives our guests a chance to see what we’ve registered for with the flexibility of either (1) finding a better deal online for a certain item or (2) going into the storefront to buy the item if they’re not into shopping online. I love it!
When picking our registry we went with fun, not so stuffy items.  Yes, we have things that we need but they’re also items that we enjoy.  We love cooking (and eating) and entertaining so our registry reflects that.  Here’s an example of some of the items we have on our registry.
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Candles, cooking gadgets and cookbooks are a few items on our diverse registry. A little practical and a little fun. Click on any of the products to purchase for yourself. I’ll share more about our registry after the wedding.  One last thing about Thankful Registry…it’s not just for weddings. You can use this site for your baby shower registry as well!
Happy Friday!

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