The Holiday Weekend

I love long weekends.

Even though I feel like I spent most of my holiday weekend in a car, I still enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. It was nice. I’m looking forward to having more of those this month. John and I will usually head to Virginia at some point during the holiday and we decided to do that for Thanksgiving and though it was nice to get home, see family and do nothing, the car portion of it wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  Traveling there was good…traveling back, not so much.  At any rate, we made it through!  We traveled back to Tennessee on Saturday so that we could both have one day to relax before heading back to the madness of the work week and I’m so glad we made that decision.  The next time we’re in the car for longer than a couple of hours will be in January when we hit the road to New Orleans!  Can’t wait.

Looking forward to a short week this week – I’m heading to Atlanta Friday to do some wedding tasks.  Fingers crossed I can just make it to Thursday…

We made a stop in Charlotte on Wednesday and ate at a really interesting bar…not sure how to sum that part up. Just because it was Thanksgiving, we didn’t get a break from working out. I took John to my high school’s track to run – it was so cold.  Probably not the best idea I’ve had but I felt good about it. 

After returning home, we went to brunch Sunday afternoon (duh), picked out some Christmas movies to watch, went to the movies and watched the Soul Train Awards with one of our friends.  Overall: good weekend.

Happy Monday!


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