The Weekend

So apparently we skipped fall.  The weather was not all that pleasant to me this weekend. It was a good weekend just not what I had hoped weather wise and on top of that…it’s now dark when I need it to be sunny.  Sure, we got an ‘extra hour’ but when you write about food and need to take photos, you sort of need some sunlight to do that.  Needless to say, fall and winter are not my favorite time of year for obvious reasons but also because I find myself chasing the sun all the time.  Regardless of the sunlight disappearing, it was a good weekend.

We went to a friends home Friday evening for a Halloween gathering.  I had a very lazy costume (if you can even call it a costume) where I wore all black and wore some cat ears. How innovative is that?  John was himself…or Common.  Ha!  Saturday, I went to brunch with two of my friends and did a little research for my next Eat.Drink.Frolic. project, Brunch Rules.  Details on that coming later – let’s get through planning this wedding before I dive into the deets of that.  At any rate, good weekend despite the depressing weather. Hope you had a good one!

Happy Monday!


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