The Weekend

I actually had a “long” weekend this weekend.  I didn’t work on Friday; John and I frolicked to Atlanta to start the search for wedding venues and thus the long weekend began.  It felt nice to have a day off and try and get some planning done…just some.  The rest of the weekend was spent making lists, eating lots of food, cleaning and just really trying oh so hard to get some type of organization in our lives.  That part is still a work in progress. We did find some time to see a movie – The Drop. It’s one of James Gandolfini’s last movies. It seems as though there are some pretty decent movies coming out this fall and I’m super excited about movie nights with John.  Even though Autumn isn’t my favorite season, I am looking forward to it…just a little bit.  

I’m really amped for the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook we got as an engagement gift from friends; I could hardly contain myself when I opened it.  John and I will definitely be making some deliciousness from that cookbook soon. 

I realized this weekend that most of my wedding planning accessories are all polka dot. That’s normal, right?

Some friends of ours are moving to Houston soon so we headed to their house Saturday night for some cocktails and Hollywood Game Night.  Yes! Do you watch this show? Comes on NBC.  We love it and I had no idea there was a board game for it…so much fun! We ended the weekend with food truck lunch and a very late dinner that involved me making twice-baked potatoes…again. Details on that coming to the blog soon.

Happy Monday!


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