3 Favorite Burgers

So I need to preface this by saying that I have not tried all of the burgers in Chattanooga (I wish).  I have, however, made a point to eat the ones that I do enjoy over and over again…leaving a little time in between to try something new.  I’d love to keep hunting for the most delicious burger in town but I’m taking a bit of a pause to focus on something a bit more healthy…chocolate chip cookies! Ha! Ok, not really healthier but it’s one of my favorites and I have to find my favorite so I can share with you.  

I’ve found in my quest to figure out my favorite burgers that I’m a creature of habit: I love ketchup, I love cheese and I’m a sucker for barbecue sauce.  There are a couple of burgers that I do not have photos of that I also enjoy, which I’ll share at the end of this post. The funny thing with this post is that I haven’t always been a fan of burgers.  Beef has always scared me but I’m embracing it little by little now. I’d love to know your favorite burger place (in or outside of Chattanooga). If your favorite place isn’t located in Chattanooga, maybe it’s somewhere I’ll be able to visit this year.  So here’s where I love to grab a burger when I’m in a burger mood.

Tremont Tavern

Y’all.  This is how I got started on my journey of eating burgers.  The gouda burger is just delicious.  A perfectly seasoned patty, with gouda cheese, barbecue sauce and crispy onions.  It’s pretty much ridiculous.  The good thing that I love about Tremont Tavern is that all of their burgers are available as a veggie burger or grilled chicken.  The gouda burger with chicken is another favorite.


I tried Slick’s on a whim one night and loved it.  I tried the bbq burger, which has…you guessed it, bbq sauce.  There’s also caramelized onions, bacon and delicious pickles.  The fries at Slick’s goes perfectly with the burger and I couldn’t have been happier.  Also on the menu that I should try soon is their Greek burger made with ground lamb.  Yum!

Public House

Good lord – this burger is so tasty.  There’s nothing overly complicated about this burger at.  It’s simplicity at it’s best. The burger is served with aged cheddar, pickles and tasty shoestring French fries.  I was never sure how I felt about shoestring fries because, well, they’re just confusing and tiny. However, these are perfect! I can’t put into words my feelings about this burger. The aged cheddar really gives it an extra level of flavor.

There are two other burgers that I really enjoy but don’t eat quite as often:

I’ve become very fond of the Big Cheese at Urban Stack.  This burger pretty much has everything: chipotle ketchup, balsamic onions, their house sauce and of course, cheese.  So good!

Blue Plate’s
double stack burger is pretty delicious.  I was a little hesitant at first because of the ‘house spread’ but I was pleasantly surprised.  This particular burger has quickly jumped to the top of my list.

Where are you favorite places to grab a burger?


2 thoughts on “3 Favorite Burgers

  1. _emily_rose

    Everybody has been talking about the Tremont Burgers, so I tried it a few weeks ago, SO GOOD! They are definitely worth all of the hype.

    The other burger that stands out, and you might like is the chipotle black bean burger at Armando's on Lee Hwy. It's close to where I work, so that is my go to spot when I'm crazing something other than a turkey sandwich for lunch.


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