Blackberry Gin & Tonic

I love a good gin and tonic, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before.  I nearly screamed in excitement at the idea to make a flavored gin and tonic.  While looking for ways to celebrate the last days of summer (so sad), I wanted to continue enjoying my gin and tonics but with a little twist.  So I stumbled upon Spoon Fork Bacon’s happy hour series on their blog and my eyes immediately went to the gin and tonic…well, and a few other recipes.  I’m not going to share with you how many of these blackberry gin and tonics I’ve made since finding the recipe – let’s just say more than 2.  This can easily be exchanged for other types of fruits too. No reason not to experiment.

Here’s the rundown on how to make this tasty cocktail:

You’ll need:
– gin
– tonic water
– blackberries
– lemon juice
– mint
– simple syrup

Place a few blackberries in a glass along with a few mint leaves.  Add fresh squeezed lemon juice and a bit a simple syrup.  

Muddle.  (here’s the muddler I use; purchased at World Market)

Add ice then add gin.  Top with tonic water.  Add an extra blackberry in there for fun if you like.

This is so good.  Try it with vodka if you’re not a fan of gin.


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