Cucumber Gin Spritzer

It’s summer…well, almost and I love a decent gin cocktail.  I can usually drink gin all year but sometimes I reserve it for the warmer months; it’s so refreshing.  Though I’m still trying to build my bar, I make sure to keep a bottle of gin on hand for those long days when I need to make a gin and tonic.  I was recently reading through an issue of Food Network Magazine and saw a recipe for a cucumber gin spritzer.  Before even reading the recipe, I knew I was going to try it.  This drink is so refreshing and perfect after a long day’s work or a long day of frolicking around.

Cucumber Gin Spritzer – adapted from Food Network 

lime cordial (I used Rose’s)
fresh lime juice
thinly sliced cucumber
cucumber soda (I used the Mr. Q Cumber brand)
limes for garnish (if desired)

combine gin, lime cordial, lime juice and cucumber.  

top with cucumber soda and limes.

You’ll thank me later.


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