As you read this, I’m in a car with Boyfriend, traveling to Virginia and then heading the nation’s capital.  I’m super-excited to get away for a bit, see my parents, show Boyfriend Small-Town, USA (my hometown) and get to DC and see friends and have lots of food and drinks!  I’ve made this drive before but usually by myself – I’m looking forward to making the drive with someone else.

I always like to make sure I’m prepared whenever I’m in the car traveling anywhere.  Since someone else is doing most of the driving – I will definitely be armed with books & magazines.

 I wish I had this many books to choose from in my home collection.

Snacks.  Definitely on the list.  If I don’t have snacks, it’s not going to be a pretty trip.  

Music!!  Music is a must for this road trip and any road trip.  My iPod (and his) are cued up and ready.  Outside of listening to lots of music, we’re both creating a playlist 10 of our favorite songs…ever. In life.  Hard, right?  How do you narrow down a lifetime of songs to 10?  I don’t know but we’re doing it and neither one of us know what’s on the other’s list.  These songs aren’t my favorite in LIFE but these are definitely songs I need to hear (and sing along to) in the car:

Mariah Carey – Emotions
Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry on Their Own
Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got

Photos of our adventure coming soon…

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